Press Release: URGENT - information for Annual Meeting

Event:  Caledonian Games special meeting

Sponsoring organization:   Athena Caledonian Games

Contact person:  Sue Friese,   541.566.3880         Kimberly Miller   239-290-8948

Date of event:  Tuesday, October 8, 2019    Athena Christian Church dining room   6 PM  


Athena Caledonian Games is proud to host Ms. Kimberly Miller, of Cannon Beach, Oregon to speak at the annual meeting in Athena’s Christian Church on Tuesday.  It is a potluck, soup supper and guests may bring crackers, fruit or desserts if they wish.   There is no charge for the meeting.   

Ms Miller is related to Judge George J. Cameron, who was often a guest speaker from Portland and he helped to organize Umatilla County Caledonian Society Picnic and Games, starting in 1899.   When the committee was preparing the festival in 1899, they wrote to Cameron, who was a Scot (born in Scotland in 1864 and immigrated to America and to Oregon in 1890.)  Cameron arranged for Portland talent to entertain.  There were three dancers and one piper who came to Athena in 1899 and the committee paid $91.40 for travel and food according to our old minutes and records.   The East Oregonian reported in 1899 that in his address to a large audience, that he spoke….” In a manner fitting to the occasion and his speech was full of loyalty, not only to “auld Scotland” but to the country of their adoption…..and the Scotsmen present were much charmed by Mr. Cameron’s eloquence.”    In another article dated June 16,  1899, the East Oregonian wrote…”It is spoken of as one of the finest public addresses heard in the county.”  

Caledonian has done research on Cameron and the original Caledonian Games that appears in Caledonian’s history book, Br-r-r-r-ring on the Games!  (It is available for sale at the Historical Museum and is listed  in the Athena and Pendleton public libraries.)  An article describing Judge George  J. Cameron was printed in the  Caledonian program dated 2012.  Searching continued in newspapers and family ties were requested with no luck.   “When I received a call from a lady who introduced herself as a great-grand niece of George Cameron, I nearly fell on the floor”, said Sue Friese, president of Athena Caledonian Games.   Miller had found the description of Cameron on our website, making the connection for her.


Ms Miller explained in a phone conversation, the oldest daughter (the only daughter, in this case) according to Scottish tradition is the keeper of records and family histories.   (Note:  it is my understanding that George Cameron and Miller’s grandfather were brothers.)    Ms. Miller did not exactly know the connection with Caledonian and Athena, however, she says she has items that are marked from Athena in the family collection.   Some things may be stored in Cannon Beach or Florida and Caledonian is anxious to be able to see any items she may have and be able to bring to display on October 8.   (Note:  There was an article in East Oregonian….{sometime???} that pictured a medallion attached to a walking stick that Caledonian presented to Cameron in maybe 1901 or 1902???)   Sue Friese said, ”In my original searching I had hopes that somewhere in the family there might be notes of his address in 1899 or letters surviving.”  

Ms Miller is well-versed in her family (Clan Cameron) history as well as having an overview of Scottish influence in Oregon and the development of the Pacific Northwest.  She is president of the Cannon Beach Historical Society.      “She has lots of information about Scottish families for us.  She has a pulse on Oregon’s history.   We could be bold to say that Athena and the Caledonian Games were right in the middle of it all.”

The soup supper starts at 6 PM.   A short annual meeting will be held and Ms Miller will be introduced at about 6:45 PM.  The public is invited.   




Nicholas Seltmann