2019 Caledonian Games Schedule:  Come Join Us!!

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Friday, July 12

5:30-7:00 PM --- Caledonian Ceilidh Dinner in the Park: Scottish fare, Yeti, Lions Club Strawberry Shortcake and  Magill’s Lemonade! 

Music in the Park:  Unforgettable Celtic Fiddler, Anna Burgess is back.   We loved Anna’s fiddling years ago and she is back from college.  Give her an Athena welcome.

 Presentation of the Chieftains……6:15 PM

Candle Lighting Ceremony at the Cairn several, City Park,  7:00 pm

Movie:   8:15 at Athena City Library:  Ring of Bright Waters. Filmed in Scotland, it is a heart-warming story that “otter” touch you.   It is free!


Saturday, July 13

8 AM-6 PM   Caledonian Vendors Open

8:30  Piping Competition, City Park

8:45 AM:  Children’s Bike and Trike Parade  (Line up at 8:30 by tennis courts.)

Kids’ Games, athletic field registration. Age levels apply.

9:00 AM  Caledonian Parade  Main Street and Currant Streets

9:30-1:00     Caledonian Highland Dance Competition Center Stage

10:00-4 PM  Clan Tents Open,

!0:00-3 PM   Caledonian Old Car Show City Park

11:00     Mary Finney, Storytelling, Creek Side Stage

11:30    Janet Naylor, Celtic Harp, Creek Side Stage  

             Registration for Athletic Competition. Big Green Tent

  12:00    Mary Finney, Storytelling, Creek Side Stage

12-6 PM  Scottish Athletic Competition, Big Green Tent

12:15-2:00  Children Make Scottish Hats!!

12:30    Janet Naylor, Creek Side Stage

1:00  Skweez the Weezle, Celtic Band, Center Stage

        1:00 -3:00 Toddler Games in City Park

1:30 Registration, Horseshoe  SinglesTournament, City Park

2:00   Dancing & Piping Awards Ceremony, Pavilion

2:00  Horseshoe Tournament, City Park

        Janet Naylor, Celtic Harp, Center Stage

2:30         Boise Highlanders, Center Stage and Food Court

3:00     Skweez the Weezle, Celtic Band, Center Stage

3:30    VIP Reception, Pavilion

3:45    Pipin’ and Tellin’, Eric Albert, piper, Center Stage

4:30     Skweez the Weezle, Celtic Band, Center Stage

6:30 PM Caledonian Tattoo, Athletic Field

Boise Highlanders Pipe Band

Guests:  Cascade Highlanders, Bend, OR

Sunday, July 14

9:00 AM   Vendors Open

9:30   Kirkin’ o the Tartan, Community Church service, City Park.  Bring chairs.                                   

 10:30 AM  Coffee Hour, Shelter House in the Park

       Janet Naylor, Celtic Harp

11:30  Janet Naylor, Center Stage

12:30    Blue Mountain Wildlife, Lynn Tompkins and birds

1:30   Registration for Horseshoe Doubles Tournament

2:00  Horseshoe Doubles Tournament

Nicholas Seltmann