Attention all Pipers!!!

Attention, Bagpipers!

Athena Caledoninan Games Piping Competition goes on in Athena on July13, 2019.

Eric Albert returns as piping judge and performer for Caledonian Games.  He spoke very highly of the competitors in saying that many of the pipers are extremely musical.   He was impressed.   Caledonian hopes that the piping competition continues to be a rewarding, learning experience.  We thank you for your devotion to the pipes and praise you for the talent you display. Please continue to compete with us.   Piping registration forms are posted on the Athena Caledonian Games NEW website:

Athena’s schedule is not exactly firmed up yet.   We are returning the Highland Dance Competition in 2019.  We are working with that schedule.  

In the meantime, please indicate that you are interested in competing and we will try to keep you posted as to the time for the Piping Competition. 

Hope to see (hear you) soon, aye,

Athena Caledonian Games   PO Box 161   Athena OR  97813  Sue Friese (541.566.3880_ 







Nicholas Seltmann