Caledonian Recognizes the Armed Forces

At Athena Caledonian Games Tattoo

July 14, 2018

Remember Veteran's Day--November 11


Umatilla County Commissioner, Dennis Doherty was the Tattoo MC.  He capably greeted all our sponsors, honorees, dignitaries and each performance in the program. 

 At the beginning of the Tattoo, Mr. Doherty introduced Eric Albert, our piper friend who played piping tunes from World War I written by pipier, Willie Lawue.

He said:  

To open the Tattoo, I’d like to introduce our piper, Eric Albert.  As a piper he is often called upon to play many memorials and he may play tunes that were written during World War One by a piper named Willie Lawrie.   Caledonian happened to write about composer Willie Lawrie in the program so during a discussion with Eric, he told us that November 11, 2018 is the 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day.

 Armistice Day (now known as Veteran’s Day) was proclaimed by President Woodrow Wilson who signed a ceasefire agreement that brought World War One to a close on November 11, 1918 at 11:00 AM.     Mr. Albert now recognizes today’s and yesterdays’ servicemen with remembrance and honor.


Later in the program, Mr. Doherty welcomed the Boise Highlanders Pipe Band to the field.  The following was printed in the Caledonian Program, 2018:    Boise Highlanders take the field aplomb and polished for our Tattoo at 6:30 tonight. They share their skills and make Athena’s crowds shiver and cheer. We know good bands, and we’re proud to have you back with us. 

Can you spot the twin pipers? Those are piper, Ron Lopez’s grandkids. What a proud tradition to be piping the first time on the field with grandfather. Only at Athena……

Nicholas Seltmann