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Athena Caledonian Games


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The purpose of the Caledonian Games Association is “to preserve and perpetuate Scottish social manners and customs” as cited in the 1899 Constitution of the Caledonian Society of Umatilla County; and to illuminate the city of Athena and its heritage. Our shared vision is to sponsor the Caledonian Games, a Scottish Heritage Festival with games, events, entertainment, music, food and dancing that are founded in the Scottish tradition.


City Park, 3rd Street
Athena, OR 97813

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Scottish Games

What we value

We recognize that Athena City Park is a treasure. We prize the pleasant atmosphere of Caledonian Games, a gathering time and place where Scots may come together in friendship. We recognize the bond we have with our rich Scottish heritage and customs. We uphold the Caledonian Games festival with high standards and great esteem.


Where to find us

Athena lies just off State Highway 11 between Pendleton, Oregon and Walla Walla, Washington. Taking I-84 from the east or west to Pendleton, take exit 210. Following the signs to Walla Walla will direct you to Highway 11 North. Athena is twenty miles from Pendleton. From Walla Walla, follow the signs for Pendleton south on Highway 11, through Milton-Freewater. Athena is approximately twenty five miles from Walla Walla. There are two exits off Highway 11 to Athena marked by blinking traffic lights. From Pendleton, the first exit becomes 3rd street on which the City Park is located. From Walla Walla, the first exit becomes Main Street. Continue on Main Street and turn left on 3rd, drive 4 blocks and the City Park is on your left.

our Mission

To present a variety of informative and entertaining events in Scottish customs and traditions. To encourage respect of the Scottish tradition through knowledge. To promote a family-oriented festival with activities for spectators and competitors who come from around the Pacific Northwest and beyond. To generate and administer funds to support the offering of Caledonian Games.


Camping at the games

Available on Thursday night and the Games weekend. First come, first served is what they say. The elementary grounds are available for tent campers. Camper trailers need to stay in the parking lot. Don’t run over the sprinkler heads. And please pick up after yourself.

Camping is open to wherever you can find a spot—there are no reservations, no hookups, no electricity.  The elementary school has showers and flush toilets available for your use.  The school puts out a hose so that you can carry water to your camping site.  And all this for just $10.00 for the weekend.

It is great fun to camp—that is part of the Athena Experience, they say.   You are in the middle of a wheat field—NO CAMP FIRES, please.

The elementary school is located behind the high school on Main Street. Drive south on Fifth Street and turn left at the drive way at the end of the athletic field chain link fence.  A representative of Caledonian Games and the Gem Theater Project will call on you to collect the camping fee.

Camping Rules:

I.  The fee is  $10.  And please, if you would be so kind, buy our program—it helps us pay our bills.

II. Pick up after yourself. Kindly, dispose of your garbage so we may all continue to camp at future games.

III. No camp fires.

IV.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen valuables. Please keep track of your items and keep them locked up when not in use. Otherwise, be safe and have fun at Caledonian Games.

side note: Adults - please do not fall off the monkey bars.  An adult broke his arm a few years ago that way—ouch.

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